Welcome to Goji.

The name, “Goji Studio” is derived from goji berries, which are native to Asia and are traditionally used for medicinal properties that help obtain longevity and stamina. In the spirit of the berries, Goji Studio is a space that’s healthy for the mind and soul; a place to replenish.

At Goji Studio, we explore the play between ceramics and food; providing an unparalleled experience for our dinner guests by creating the tableware their dishes are plated on. As we continue to hone our ceramic techniques, we develop unique menu items that complement our hand-built pieces.

Please check out our work at Gojistudio.ca


I started my ceramics journey in January 2022 through a 6-week class and was instantly blown away by the amount of effort and focus it took. I’ve always gravitated to crafts that require creating with your hands. Ceramics was the perfect fit. After recovering from spinal surgery, I decided that life is too short to not be exploring new passions! I bought a wheel and simply started.

I fell in love with ceramics because it is very much like cooking. The consequences are small and you can learn from your mistakes very quickly. There will always be fundamental rules to making a cup or sculpting a centrepiece, but the possibilities (like with cooking), are endless. 


A deeply personal space for both Ashley and myself, Goji is an expression of who we are. Our dream is for everyone that enters the space to be able to experience us — our vision and intention.

To this end, we built and handmade almost every piece of the space, from the table and shelving to the pieces on display.

We borrowed Goji from the berry, native to Asia and traditionally used for its medicinal properties that derive longevity, energy, and stamina.

Goji Studio will be a space that's positive for the mind and soul, a place to replenish.


As we create and produce, all plates and tableware used during k.Dinners will be made by Ashley or myself.

Front, centre, and on display at Goji, our handmade creations will be ready for viewing and for purchase starting 2023.

Ceramics on display are currently all functional pieces designed for everyday use. Wares range from whiskey tumblers and rice bowls to bud vases and trays.

its all about the intention



I first encountered Thomas at a local art show and was instantly fascinated by his work. The attention to detail was evident and captivating, and I launched into a barrage of questions. He patiently answered each one and invited me to his studio. (Big mistake. I never left, and he's been my teacher and mentor ever since.)

His forms are inspiring, utilizing refined hand-building skills, less focused on using the wheel as a primary tool. His pieces focus less on glazing and instead on the medium of clay, crafting unparalleled and enchanting textures, shadows, and forms. 

Noel, Noel Yardley Ceramics

I was introduced to Noel and wasted no time learning from a man able to throw any shape, any size... and make them all identical. Watching him throw and trim, I had so many questions about his technique. Instead of teaching me his technique step by step, he encouraged me to simply try, and it's made all the difference.

What I love most about his work is how many forms it has taken over his 20 years crafting, exploring elegant and thin forms with complicated glazes and paying creative homage to the raw beauty of African wares.