The word experience brings visions of a hike in the Alps, or a private tour at a renowned vineyard. As a chef, my job is to deliver a similar experience, and it's a craft I've enjoyed honing.

Through storytelling, nostalgia, and creative expression (by way of the food and the plateware your catered dinner will be served on), I take you on a journey — one that's fully customizable and catered specifically to both your vision for your event and the unique needs of your guests.

All events, classes, and demonstrations are available for hosting in your designated event space, the comfort of your home, or at Goji Studio, the home of k.Dinners.



Intimate dumpling classes designed to accommodate all cooking levels. Make dough from scratch, learn to roll the perfect wrapper, and enjoy creating folds and crimps that rival those of your favourite Asian grandma.

All ingredients and necessary tools will be provided for the class. Fillings will be premade and can be customized to fit any dietary requirements or wild tastes, creative requests permitted. Pizza dumplings, anyone?

Sessions conclude with the enjoyment of your handmade dumplings. Additional mains and side dishes can be added to your evening. Classes best accommodate 6-8 and start at 120.00pp.

To book your private dumpling class, send a message to Chef Ken Yau here.


Treat yourself and your guests to an unforgettable experience. Ideal for celebrating that birthday, promotion, or simply as an excuse to throw aside your sweatpants for the evening.

Opt for a casual family-style experience or an elegant multi-course meal. All tastes, preferences, and dietary restrictions welcomed.

Recommended for parties of 8+, smaller parties may be accommodated. Option to host at your home or our private studio space. Private dining experiences start at 160.00pp.

Weddings, cocktail evenings, and other large events also accommodated.

To book your private dining experience, send a message to Chef Ken Yau here.



Foster social interaction and bonding with classes, on-site activations and demonstrations, or curated dining experiences. Classes can accommodate all levels of cooking abilities. Introduce dumpling making to your team or create an independent experience with ready-to-go kits.

Chef Ken will share tips, tricks, and techniques picked up from working at the world's top restaurants.

All necessary tools and ingredients will be provided. Experience can be virtual or  on-site. For online experiences, prep kits will be delivered the day of.

Corporate experience guarantee: No one leaves hungry!

To plan your corporate event, send a message to Chef Ken Yau here.

Send a message to Chef Ken Yau here.


Bring a fresh set of eyes and Chef Ken Yau's hands-on experience in world-renowned establishments to your culinary concept, kitchen, or menu.

Past clients include Yokai Izakaya, Strange Love Coffee, and Faim de Loup.

For assistance with your concept, send a message to Chef Ken Yau here.

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